Wastewater Treatment at Correctional Facilities
and Prison Systems

The challenge of treating wastewater at correctional facilities
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The challenge of treating wastewater at correctional facilities

Wastewater treatment systems can quickly become overwhelmed without the right equipment

Local jails, state and federal correctional facilities, and prison systems need to meet a number of unique challenges everyday to ensure day-to-day operational functionality, including how to manage water and wastewater systems. Water and wastewater screening equipment are vital components to all successful treatment processes; they are particularly important in prison and correctional facility applications. These systems have to manage an influent stream with a wide variety of disruptive solids, including contraband, sheets, towels, shoes, clothing and other foreign objects, that can potentially damage and overwhelm the treatment process. Without the proper equipment, these materials can dramatically increase system downtime, cause thousands of dollars in damage, and the need to replace costly equipment.

Treating Wastewater at Correctional Facilities

A leader in prison system wastewater treatment

Proven wastewater screening technology and industry experience

Hydro-Dyne Engineering recognizes a plant shutdown is not an option. That is why we’ve applied our vast experience and expertise to design and manufacture solutions for some of the most demanding applications. We deliver quality and value to hundreds of prison systems and correctional facilities worldwide.

Since 1978, Hydro-Dyne Engineering has delivered solutions that bring unparalleled quality, performance, reliability and value to customers around the world. We do so by having complete control of our products from start to finish. All design, fabrication, assembly and testing are handled in-house. Hydro-Dyne’s wastewater screening systems for prisons and correctional facilities are custom designed and skillfully manufactured with the highest degree of quality and durability; this keeps systems running smoothly and prevents costly downtime, equipment repair and replacement.

Prison System Wastewater Treatmentt

Screening solutions that are Designed to Protect. Built to Perform.

Capturing and removing solids before they damage wastewater treatment systems

Wastewater screens are designed to protect significant capital investments in downstream processes that must remain online. Other equipment that grinds and macerates solids requires constant maintenance and can damage downstream processes; Hydro-Dyne's screening technology is designed to remove and dispose of solids without the need to pass the material downstream.

Disruptive solids such as sheets, towels and rags commonly found in correctional facility effluent, can quickly foul treatment equipment and bring systems to a grinding halt. Through proprietary design and patented technology, Hydro-Dyne’s Bull Shark Through Flow Screens can easily capture and dispose of those disruptive solids, without the material clogging the equipment.

Wastewater Screenings Solutions

Through Flow Screening Technology

Through Flow coarse screening equipment specifically designed for prison wastewater treatment systems

Hydro-Dyne’s Bull Shark Through Flow Screen is specifically designed for the screening of heavy institutional effluent. With a variety of models available, this heavy-duty, high-capacity through flow screen can easily remove large debris from wastewater flows, and provide unlimited support against deflection.

Continuous belt design: The continuous belt design travels from the clean to the dirty side of the screen in an upward motion, eliminating the potential for jamming. Screenings accumulate undisturbed on the moving belt for higher screening capture and easier unloading.

Eliminates ragging: Hydro-Dyne's multiple proprietary designs and patented technologies work together to eliminate ragging commonly associated with other screen designs. Hydro-Dyne's designs include a proprietary sealing system, a patented grid design, and a lower track design that removes the need for submerged sprockets, bushing or bearings.

Stainless steel laced link grid: Able to withstand extremely harsh environments, the proven stainless steel laced link grid system is extraordinarily durable, can easily handle large flows, and is available in a wide range of opening sizes.

Solids unloading: The spray wash bar prohibits carry-over and provides a superior method of removing captured solids from the screening surface to the washing compactor.

Bull Shark Through Flow Screen Bull Shark Through Flow Screen

Washing Compactors

Screenings handling equipment reduces ongoing disposal expenses

Screened solids are always heavy with wastewater. Left untreated and not dewatered, treatment plants will be looking at much higher disposal costs. This is due to the weight of the screened material and the water it holds. Hydro-Dyne’s heavy duty Whitetip Shark Washing Compactors are specifically designed to collect, condition, dewater, and compact screenings captured from the most demanding environments. Multiple models are designed for a variety of needs, from simple conveyance to sophisticated washing and compaction. Screenings meet strict landfill requirements, and bagging units can contain odor.

Whitetip Shark Washing Compactor

Put our expertise to work for you

Hydro-Dyne Engineering has over 40 years of experience with more than 2,000 unique installations worldwide. Contact us today to learn more about our equipment specifically designed for correctional facilities. Our equipment provides superior value, performance, reliability, and protection. We can help you to reduce maintenance costs and improve the performance of your downstream equipment.

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